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Congratulations, you made it to Medicare but don’t let the task ahead get you down. While learning about Medicare can be a little intimidating there is a local family owned agency in Southern Maine that’s ready to walk down that path with you. An advocate to point out all the possibilities and pitfalls, then help you find the level of coverage that is right for you. We have been working with Medicare beneficiaries for over 16 years and will always have the most current and up to date information at your disposal.

So why use a local independent agency as opposed to going directly through the insurance company? If you are within three months of turning 65 you are likely being inundated with solicitations from every other insurance company in the country telling you to pick a plan and send a check or if you simply must speak to a person, call this number. First of all, if you call one of those insurance companies, you’ll be talking to a representative that works for the insurance company not for you. However, as an independent agency we work for you not the insurance company. You’ll pay the same amount for any coverage option you choose whether you enroll through us or directly with the insurance company. Second, they will try to sell you the only plan they have, we carry almost all of the relevant plans available in Maine, show you the options and let you choose the best plan for you. Third, they likely work in a cubicle in Texas or Florida whereas we are a family owned agency with our office located right on Main Street in Bridgton across from Renys or we are happy to come to you and meet in the comfort of your home.

Medicare is complicated but we make it easy to make your transition from individual or employer based major medical plans into the Medicare program as painless as possible. In a one on one setting we will go through a very concise worksheet that explains what Medicare does, what it doesn’t do and how a Medicare Supplement works with it. We will go over the advantages and disadvantages of the Medicare Part C, Advantage program. (see “Medicare Part C – Option Two” for a detailed difference between Medicare Supplements and Advantage Plans) Then, if you are leaning toward a Medicare Supplement we’ll run your prescriptions through about 2 dozen Prescription Drug Plans (Part D) available to find the plan that will meet your needs. Using our services means not having to deal with the insurance company on your own. You will have an agent and advocate who will work for you not the insurance company to help resolve any claims or billing issues. We constantly monitor the Medicare Supplement, Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan market and will keep you informed of changes that may affect you via an annual newsletter.

So, where do you go from here? At this point in life most folks have a trusted Financial Advisor, Accountant etc. Because people 65 and over consume 70% of the health care in America, it makes good sense to have a knowledgeable and experienced advisor. Medicare is very complex and learning how it works as well as keeping up with all the annual changes, to be sure you have the best coverage at the least cost, can be tedious and time consuming. An independent agent can provide that service and many more with no extra out of pocket cost to you. For example, we advise all of our clients not to pay any bills if they question the amount. Billing errors are not uncommon and we are happy to investigate the charge to determine with certainty its validity. Remember, any insurance you purchase with us will not cost any more than if you went online or signed up yourself over the phone with a company agent. Because we focus primarily on Medicare we have been able to cultivate contacts in many departments at Medicare’s Boston Regional Office. That gives us the ability to handle issues that arise quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy retirement. So, give us a call and insure with certainty.

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